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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Setback

I decided to take the girls back to the doctor this morning. Over the weekend, we knew they were a lot better than they were during the week, but they were incredibly crabby and clingy and starting to develop a pretty nasty cough. It would be the strangest thing, they would be great for 2 or 3 hours and then, WHAM! they would feel so bad and of course everything is worse at night. Last night was their worst with coughing and drainage... no fevers, but just couldn't rest. Saylor's cough has been worse than Charlee's so she got a prescription for a steroid and if Charlee's gets any worse we can give it to her, too.(if we can get it down her, she's awful at taking medicine). It's about 10:00 on Monday night and both sweeties are sleeping soundly for now. I'm hoping for a good night...we all need one.=)

Here's a few pictures that I took over the last week and tonight.

hmmm...what's this?

"Look Momma, I'm 'in sink'!" =)

Playing the organ at Aunt Joyce's house.

After our doctor's appointment today. Look how pitiful Saylor is! Charlee just loves loving on Saylor.

"Oh, Daddy! You're so silly!"


"Big, that's not how you wear pants."

"This is!"

About to jump in the tub and get ready for bed.

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