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Sunday, February 27, 2011

This and That

We've had a great weekend and we got out and enjoyed it!  Saturday we ate lunch at Cracker Barrell and then went to the Home Builders Show at the Conference Center.  When we got home, Pops and Mimi G came to see us!  =)  Today we ate birthday cake with Aunt Tiff Tiff (one month late).  Tiffany's birthday was January 26th, but they were sick and we had the flu.  Finally, we're all well and got to celebrate!

Mimi G and the girls
                             Charlee wearing her "hard hat" she got at the home builder's show.
                                            Saylor's hard hat.  Sorry it's blurred.
                               Tiffany's cake.  My first attempt at zebra print.
                                             Tiffany and sweet Addyson
                                                   Addyson liked the icing!
                                           Charlee being very serious.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I may have fixed my posting problem and thought I'd test it out with some of our first pictures of the girls.  The pictures of them in their carseats is our first trip to the doctor.  They were only 6 days old!  They didn't even meet the five pound minimum for the carseats yet!!  Notice the little blankets rolled up to keep them snug.

SAYLOR, bless her heart.  Her tiny legs were certainly snug. 

The girls together in one of the pack-n-play bassinets. So tiny! 

Trouble Posting

I'm sorry that some of my latest posts aren't lined up right or have huge spaces in between. Something's wrong with Blogger, but I'm trying to figure it out.

What a Week!!

This week we had our monthly get-together with the ladies in my family (and my Daddy)! This was our 2nd time to do it and we're definitely gonna continue the tradition.
Here are a few pictures from this week.

Saylor put her shirt on all by herself! =)

Charlee has learned to wink! ;)

Charlee and Daddy - check out that crazy hair!!!

Me and Saylor - sweet face!

This is one of my Christmas socks I found and Saylor had to have it on her head. It took Shirley and me to get it on because it was so tight!

Beaty, beat, beating with our spoons. Charlee's sneeking in a hug!

This month's gathering was to celebrate Tracy and Aunt Susie's birthday's. So, I made a cake! =) This was my first 2 tiered. I tried to use both of their favorite colors. Here we are singing "Happy Birthday".

WILLA =) Mandy cut her hair! Beautiful!

Aunt Kristi and Tillman -LOVE-

Aunt Susie and Kimberly - I love this picture!

Mama, Mandy, Aunt Susie, Kimberly, Me and Granny - we're just missing Tracy in this one.

The girls!

Saylor loves Tillman

Meme and the babies. We had a new addition with Lilly Anna. Kristi keeps her during the week for a friend of hers. She's a little sweetheart!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Own Rooms and Other Excitement

First of all, I apologize for the delay in posting. I've been having so much trouble trying to post pictures. It's taken 3 days for this one post!
The girls are finally in their own rooms and they're doing GREAT! Much better than I expected. The night before we went to get Charlee's furniture, we were asking them if they were excited about getting their own rooms and they would say Noooo! and nu-uh. So, we were a little worried that they'd not want their own rooms at all. I love when they prove me wrong! =)

Here are a couple of pictures of the front of the house to show you the results of the fire. We need to go ahead and burn the rest of the grass so it doesn't look odd when it grows.

Getting their rooms ready. This is Charlee's. Saylor's dancing. =)

Here's Saylor's room getting ready.

Family picture with the self timer.

Sisterly love!

How sweet is this!?!

Reading with sister.


Saylor's doing her elephant! See her trunk!

This is a piece of furniture we got for Charlee's room. My Daddy painted it for us. This is the before.

And after. This REALLY doesn't do it justice. The color is called Tahiti Blue. I just picked out the color and Daddy did the rest. I finished the handles, too.

Charlee's semi-finished room. Minus a mirror. You can tell more about the color of the chest, but you HAVE to see it in person. It's gorgeous!!

I still have to sew her curtains, but I'm pretty sure that'll be the fabric.

Saylor's semi-finished room. That's Saylor's painted furniture that my Daddy did for her. It had been in their closet because we didn't have anywhere else for it. It's so cute and you can't really tell much about it's color either. I think it's just the most fun, playful little chest!

When we got the mirror up above the dresser I realized that the pink was just all wrong for her room. So, it's being repainted. surprise, surprise! =)

I'm almost positive that I'll redo her curtains, too. They're cute, but I just want something different.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Grass Isn't Always Greener...

The girls and I got out of the house today and went to town. We were on our way back at about 1:30 and Shirley called to let me know that our neighbor almost burned our house down because she let her brush pile get out of hand!!!!!! Another neighbor saw that there was a fire and went to Shirley's to let her know. She grabbed her mopped and came over and tried to get it out, but no luck. The fire department showed up and saved the day! When she called to tell me my stomach flipped, but when I pulled into the subdivision I got a little sick to my stomach! It's simply by the grace of God that the wind didn't carry the flames any closer to our house. I'm also thankful we weren't home! Everything happens for a reason! I'm so afraid of fires because they can happen anywhere, anytime, to anybody! I feel like we've had enough experience with them. My wedding dress burned at Mary's Bridal AND our furniture was being stored at Town and Country while we were waiting for our house to get finished and it burned in their warehouse. By the way, each of those things happened on the 28th day of the month. 28 is my least favorite number. Here a few pictures I took just from the front of our house.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

First of all, weekends go by way too fast!!! But, we always enjoy them! Sunday was our busiest day. We went to Jordyn and Addyson's house for Aunt Tiff Tiff's birthday party with Pops and Mimi G. We ordered Outpost 72 and it was really good. I hadn't eaten there in years! After that, we went to Target to get a new phone. Our littles "talked" on the other one too much. =) And, of course, shopping for one thing always turns into A LOT more with us. The girls had to have some cute crocs and we also got them their very own potties! =) Everything I've read about potty training says that readiness begins at 18 months and we're almost there. =( I'm going to try to train them according to the signs with the farmer's almanac again. We'll just try it every month until we get there, but I'm not forcing anything that they're not ready for. Today, Valentine's Day, I made the girls their own little heart cake and some cupcakes. Charlee barely looked at hers and Saylor pretty much just dug a hole in the center of it with her spoon. But, they looked cute with them. MEMORIES!

Charlee's new crocs.

Saylor's new crocs.

Saylor's new potty!

Charlee's new potty!

Give me 5, sister!! We can do this! =)

Their new Disney panties.

Charlee reading her Valentine's Day card. They've learned to say 'cool' and I found these cards that said "Totally Cool". I though that was COOL! =)

Saylor reading her card.

The official Valentine's kiss. Notice their clothes...I've given up trying to fix them. When we're home, Saylor will NOT keep her right arm in her sleeve and Charlee will NOT keep her pants on. This happens EVERYDAY! It doesn't bother me and they don't do it when we're anywhere else, so, I'm picking my battles.

Our Valentine treats! YUMMY!

Our visitors!!! =)

Jordyn enjoying his cupcake.

GROSS! EWWWW!! Get this off of me!

Saylor dug in and Charlee just scraped around.