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Thursday, February 3, 2011

This and That

The girls are back to their old selves again. =) What a week it was! They're still pretty snotty, but they're happy again and so am I! We've got a busy couple of days ahead of us. Brent is having knee surgery tomorrow and Saturday is Cameron's birthday party! It's been a few years since Cameron wanted a party and I'm so excited she's having one. I'm making her a top hat cake (at her request). I just hope it turns out. Brent has no idea when he hurt his knee but it's been really bothering him for the past year or so. I'm glad he's finally going to get it fixed. The doctor said it should be a simple surgery with little recovery involved. I sure do hope everything goes well.

You can see on Charlee's right eyelid it's a little green/blackish. Their refrigerator door got her pretty good the other day.

Saylor doing kissy faces to the pretty baby in the mirror.

Charlee's 'on the phone'.

I just love this face!

These girls LOVE putting things on their heads! =)

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