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Saturday, October 5, 2013

We're 4 and Lovin' It

I'm not sure why, but all these pictures loaded backwards.  End-to-beginning.  Sorry. :( 
Drake's 1st birthday party.  This was in Priceville at Veteran's Park.  This was the perfect place!  If we lived closer, we'd go a lot more.  I can't  believe Dustin's sweet boy is already one!
Saylor letting her balloon go because her Momma can't be around them. :(  poor girls. 

DRAKE!!!  Cutie pie!!!

Ian getting his picture made with his aunt...he wasn't so sure about this, I do believe... ;)

After this happened Willa said, 'ewww'.   Love this sweet girl!

Drake with his Daddy.

 This was the most hilarious moment of the day!!!!  Poor Willa just could not figure out how to sit in this swing.  I have a sneaky feeling that Mandy's going to have a very good use for these pictures in the future. :)

Drake with his MeeMaw!

Trying out Shirley's new table and chairs.

Last time in their cozy coupes.

LOVE Charlee's face here.

We got new robes...Charlee enjoyed this photo shoot a little more than Saylor.

BIRTHDAY!!!  They got a pink playhouse!  Uncle Larry, Aunt Jan, Shirley, Daddy, Brent, Charlee and Saylor and me all had a hand in building this perfect little place.  It has lights, a radio and an air conditioner.  It'll move with us when we sale our house.  It'll grow with the girls.  :)


Loving on Chili.  John and Amanda's sweet dog.  This is RARE!

"Ain't that America?  Little Pink Houses for you and me".  I sang and sang this song as we  were painting.

Grandma and me. 

Charlee turned to Saylor and told her happy birthday and hugged her so tight.  ...and then I started crying!  Maybe I'll make through a party with no tears....one day...maybe...not.  lol

Sweet Charlee was SOOOO excited that we all sang to Saylor and she blew her candles out.  That's love!

Sweet Saylor got a pretty bad shiner at school.  They were outside playing and she and another little boy didn't see each and collided.  He was perfectly fine...Saylor not so much!  She would keep telling me that it didn't hurt, but I know it had to.  It didn't slow her down.  TOUGHEST CHICK ON EARTH!!!!