Loving everyday with our little miracles...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dance Camp and Father's Day

We finished up Dance Camp with only one dancer. : /   SAYLOR! ! !   She woke up on day 2 of camp and said that she was going to dance and she was not going to cry.  And she never did! :)  Charlee lasted about half the class on day 2 and zero on day 3.  Brent went with us on day 3 and she told me when we got home that she didn't want to go in that room because she wanted to stay with Daddy.  I was afraid of that happening, and I was right.  But, it could also be a sign of things to come.  She may not want to do any kind of dance.  We'll see.  Of course I hope they both want to because I LOVE it so much!  I just want them to be happy. 
Brent had a really good Father's Day!  He's such an amazing daddy!  There aren't too many daddy's that are like him. :)  Our girls are incredibly lucky to have him!  I'm definitely a Daddy's Girl, so I understand why they are too.  :) 
Here are a few pictures that I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy!!!!

This was day 2.  The first picture I took.  I should have known by this that Miss Charlee wouldn't be interested.

 She warmed up, though.

 AND THEN, I wanted to take pictures with them and you can see Charlee was NOT interested.  Her arm is even out of place because she went limp RIGHT THEN.  Silly girl!

 SO, after a few tears, she decided to dance with Saylor and me. :)

 DAY 3!  This was the first picture I took that day.  You can tell we were already in trouble...

But, again, she warmed up a little.


This was when Saylor came out of the dance room on the last day.  She's wearing her dance t-shirt she got and holding her tutu she made and getting a kiss from her Daddy!  One very HAPPY girl!!

 Saturday morning...watching Justin Bieber on the Today Show for about the 8th time!

Helping Daddy open Father's Day gifts.

 The keychain they got him.  On the back it says Love, Charlee and Saylor.

His card.  LOVE!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dancing Queens

The girls started Dance Camp yesterday at the All-Starz Dance Academy in Florence.  My good friend, Alisha, told me about it because her little girl, Lizzie, got signed up too.  We've all been so excited about it!  It's actually a 3 and 4 year old class but since the girls were potty trained they were ok to join.  I was surprised when we got there and I found out that parents couldn't go back to watch.  But, they handled it very well and so did I!  :)  They were the only 2 to ask to go to bathroom during the hour long class.  If you know anything about these two, I know you're not the least bit surprised by that!  We could look in through a window that had a film over it and the girls did SO great!  45 minutes into it, though, Saylor decided she was done and declared "I can't dance".  Silly girl!  All I can figure out is something didn't go exactly the way she wanted so she decided class was over.  We got her back in there by reminding her that she gets a sticker when class is over.  She ended up missing her sticker because she came out again.  But, Charlee got hers.  Hopefully, today both our sweeties will get their stickers. 

Here are a few pictures from the past week.

All ready to go to Big's to go swimming.


They can both REEEEEEACH the light switch now.  Check out those tippy toes!!!!

Saylor made her own helmet to ride her trike.  So clever!

Dance Camp - Day 1

They led the way on their first day!

Class was over so we got to go take some pictures of all these cuties!

This is how Saylor ended her day.....:(


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let the Summer Fun Begin!!!

We honestly haven't done anything out-of-this-world exciting yet, but we're loving everyday!  And the fact that we have nothing to do, but can do anything we want is just the BEST!  We kicked off summer by having a campfire and doing smores on Memorial Day at Jordyn and Addyson's house.  We've gone swimming in our little pool at our house and at Big's big pool at her house.  The little pool was more fun for them.  :) 
On a not so fun note, I ended up having a sinus infection that caused so much pressure in my right ear it was just excrutiating.!.!  It started last Tuesday and I went to the doctor on Thursday and I'm just now able to touch my ear (on Sunday) without there being any pain.  CRAZY! 
But, other than all that, summer is off to an awesome start and I know it's gonna fly by.  I'm just gonna soak up every split second with these girls and Brent before I have to head back to school.

Silly Green Girls

 Practicing their roasting techniques.


 WE LOVE OUR POOL!  We had this last year and they hated it!  :)  What a difference a year can make.

 One of my new favorite pictures.

 They were dancing and twirling together and had just had a crash landing.  THEY thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Dancing with sweet Woody.