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Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Last Days of 2010

We've been enjoying our last few days of 2010. Can't believe how fast this year went by! 2011...here we come!

The girls in Daddy's new toboggan. Aren't they just the cutest!?!

One of Saylor's favorite things to do is tell everybody to put their arms up and down. Charlee's getting in on the action now, too.


Loving our new toys.

This is Saylor's new favorite spot in the house...too bad it won't be there too much longer. =)

Sitting in their recliners. Reading books and watching one of their new Disney movies from Pops and Mimi G! =)

Getting ready for the big move into Charlee's room...this is a lamp I painted. It all use to be pale, baby pink...not any more!!!!! I'm still not sure about it, so it'll probably be a totally different color by the time Charlee gets moved. We shall see! The fabric laying beside it is for her new curtains.

Saylor's "S" for her door. I'm loving using Mod Podge!

Charlee's "C" for her bedroom door.

The girls at their own doors.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a perfectly, wonderful Christmas this year! The girls had so much fun and we loved seeing them excited about their new toys. I can just imagine what next year will be like! =) There are a lot of pictures on this post...just a warning...

Christmas Eve...the girls are fresh out of the tub and in their Christmas pajamas!

Santa Claus came as soon as the girls went to bed!

Christmas morning, jumping into their goodies.

Saylor trying out her new houndstooth recliner for the first time.

Charlee trying out hers for the first time, too.

Charlee loved reading her Christmas card, that was the first thing she wanted to open! =)

Saylor was excited about her card, too!~

I LOVE this picture! This is an example of how all the gift opening went...Saylor kept looking over at Charlee to see what she was getting. I have a feeling they'll always compare gifts. By the way, they got exactly the same thing in this picture.

Momma got a sewing machine!!!!!!!

Saylor getting in trouble for the first time for standing in her chair. This has certainly not been the last time this whole scene has been played out! =(

Charlee with Mo, her new monkey. and Saylor has Ella, her new elephant in the previous picture. We're hoping to take the girls' pacis away after the new year and we're trying to "transfer" their attachments to these two cuties in the meantime. It's worth a shot.

Saylor helping Daddy open his gifts!

Our Green house on our White Christmas! =)

After we opened gifts at home, we headed over to Shirley's to eat our Christmas breakfast. YUM!

Corey, Tiffany, Addyson, and Jordyn

Brent and me =)

THE BIG REVEAL...Let's see what Big got Charlee and Saylor.........

A KITCHEN!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Jordyn loved it just as much as the girls!

Aunt Tiff Tiff and Addyson

Brent got a new hat!!

YIPPEE!! I got some stuff for baking! =)

Charlee sucking on her new baby dolls paci! We may have a tougher time than I thought getting rid of these pap-paps!

Saylor climbing in the refrigerator!

Big also got the girls new diamond earrings!!

Big got a new bracelet!

Shirley with her good friend, Town Creek.

After we left Shirley's, we went over to Corey and Tiffany's to have Christmas with Danny (Pops) and Belinda (Mimi G).

Poor Saylor didn't even make it to open presents...

Jordyn started opening gifts before it was time...This is him waiting patiently to get started.

This is one of Charlee's cutest walks...

Jordyn helping Pops open his gifts.

Mimi G opened her gifts.

Charlee and Jordyn crawling like babies. They're such good buddies!

After we left Corey's we came home and got to play in our new kitchen! Meme and Papa came over to play, too!

Saylor with her new apron.

The girls enjoying their new "cafe". The table and chairs was their birthday present from Shirley. It got here just in time to enjoy it for Christmas!

Papa enjoying his FIRST tea party with his girls.

Snacks before bed...

WHEW! What a day!!