Loving everyday with our little miracles...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walking in Granny's Shoes & Night Time with Sister

Yesterday morning we got a little visit with Granny! When she was going to leave, Charlee got her shoes and started to put them on. Granny helped her get them on and she took a walk. SO CUTE!

Saylor decided it was HER turn! (yes, she is trying to push her down)

Granny helping Saylor.

Saylor thought it wasn't as fun as Charlee made it look!

Charlee had a rough day yesterday because she couldn't sleep the night before. She had a really bad stuffy nose and just couldn't rest. So...she didn't feel good and was really whiney and fussy. She had been crying here and then started laughing. I think those 'I've been crying, but everything's wonderful now' faces are just the sweetest!

...and then she sneezed!!!!!! I know this is gross, but as soon as I took it all this came out. Bless her heart!

These pictures were at about 6:00 last night. Normally, they DON'T get to take a snooze this close to bedtime, but there was just no stopping them.

Then, they woke up, got baths and PLAYED!! Saylor has ALWAYS loved to put things on her head and walk around. Charlee has just recently got into it. They pull whatever it is off of each other heads and say "pee-pie"! and just LAUGH and LAUGH! It's so sweet!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday at Pops and Mimi G's!

Yesterday we headed to Florence to spend the afternoon with Pops, Mimi G, Heather, Kensley, Tiffany, Jordyn, and Addyson. We had a Great day and the kiddos played and played and played!

This picture would not cooperate and turn the right way...but, this cake is for all 7 of Danny and Belinda's grandkids. Patrick was an only grandchild for years, but then they got the other 6 within 2 years! Ask and you shall recieve! =)

Everybody wanted to play with the Cozy Coupe at the same time.

Kensley riding her horse.

Baby Addyson

Charlee wanted her Aunt Tiff Tiff!

These hats are on them just for Pops. Notice how they didn't want to keep it on!

Saylor couldn't even show her face! She asked me if she could change her name in this picture to protect her identity. =)

Kensley wasn't ashamed to wear orange and blue! Look how cute!!!

This was at home right before baths. Saylor took her diaper off all by herself and OF COURSE that's when the urge hit her. I didn't take pictures of that...=)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday at Meme & Papa's House

Mandy, Ian, and Willa got to come up to Meme and Papa's today so the girls and I went to spend the day with everybody. We had the BEST time and of course we all ate good! =) I wish we could all get together like that more often. Brent stayed home and got the grass cut and organized our extra garage. He set up a play area for the girls in there that's gonna be just perfect for them.

Of course I had to bake a cake...We all had really purple tongues after eating this one! =)~

Charlee's first time down the slide!

Saylor's first time sliding!

Beautiful Willa

Willa and her sweet Mommy

Ian...so handsome!

Dylan...awesome picture!!! he usually doesn't smile like this for the camera! =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank you, Aunt Belee!!

Yesterday we got a super surprise from Aunt Belee! Cookie Monster and Elmo! The girls LOVE them!!! Just look...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ridin' In My Car...

This picture was taken a little over a month ago by Pops and Mimi G, but I just remembered it today. The girls LOVE their birthday cozy coupes! But, they've been in the garage for a little while now because Brent bought us a golf cart. =) It puts a lot more miles on Brothers Lane nowadays.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love Autumn!

We went to Meme and Papa's yesterday and headed over to Grandma's house to see if her yard was ready to take fall pictures yet. It was!! We just needed Brent with us! We had our engagement pictures taken there 8 years ago. We'll have to go back so we can (TRY) to get some good family pictures. Hopefully Grandma will be home next time too! =)

cute little grin...bubble and all!

so pretty!