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Monday, October 4, 2010

getting caught up...

Sorry it's been so long, but I'll try to get you caught up. The girls are growing and LEARNING so much everyday it's unreal! They're definitely little sponges at this point and can repeat and mimic so much of what we do. It's so sweet! I need to get some videos on here. They're really starting to interact with each a lot more now (good & bad)...but I guess that's sisters for ya! =)

Saylor LOVES t.v.! This is a good thing and bad thing all wrapped up in one. Charlee just can't sit still long enough to be bothered by most of it. This is also a good and bad thing! =) This day Saylor sat here for about 30 minutes just like this...

We got a pirate ship!!! This has been in our family for a long time! They love getting to play in it! Thanks Meme and Papa!!!

Fun, Fun!!

You can kinda tell in this picture that Charlee has a little bit of a black eye under her right eye. Saylor had a knot and bruise on her forehead...needless to say...the end tables were removed from the living room the night all this happened.

Charlee is such a good helper!

Wearing Ava's hat!

Watching all the Yard Sale people...we had the BEST yard sale!!! Brent said we wouldn't even make $100...well, we did and then some! We'll definitely be making this an annual event! =)

Saylor LOVEs to put things on her head! So cute!! This is a shirt that Pops and Mimi G got the girls from Panama City!

Sleeping with her newest love...ELMO is her favorite now. You should hear her say Elmo...she says it perfectly...precious!!!

Playing on the farm...Saylor had the tractor first!

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  1. I hear you about the mixed blessing with TV watching. It is wonderful to have 20 extra minutes to get a few things done, but you feel so guilty that they're watching TV. I always said I wouldn't be one of those moms who put their child in front of the TV, but there must be a healthy balance.