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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Charlee and Saylor started Mars Hill Preschool in Rogersville on January 3, 2013!  They adjusted JUST FINE!!  I'm pretty sure Brent and I cried the whole day!  When we dropped them off they got situated and I had to leave to get to work and Brent stayed for a little while to make sure they were ok.  Of course, I started boo hooing as soon as I got out of their sight.  I had dried all my tears and walked into my building and I saw one of my co-workers and she asked me if the girls had started school that morning.  WELL, I started crying again.  My poor 4th graders didn't know what was going on.  I explained to them that the girls had just started preschool this morning.  One of them asked me if I was happy or sad.  I told them I was ok, I just wanted to be sure that they were ok and they were growing up too fast.  Then he said, "well, I didn't know why you were crying, my Momma's always happy when I go to school!"  :)  That made my day!! 
SO, they started on a Thursday and went on Friday, then on Monday and Saylor started running fever late Monday night.  They were out sick with croup and severe colds and ear infections and finally went back on Tuesday, the 22nd.  They really love it and they're making so many friends! 
Cool Tricks!
Silly Charlee crying because Saylor didn't want to do cool tricks with us anymore. 
This was the night before they started school.  They were both SOOOO excited and wore their backpacks.  Thank you Laura for the best backpacks ever!! :)
Our 1st day of PRESCHOOL!!!  3 YEARS OLD!

Big's Birthday!

WE LOVE PUZZLES!!!!  This is everyday now!!
I love this.  Charlee's studying a picture of Brent and me from our wedding.  (while wearing my high heels.)
POOR sweet Saylor.
ALL BETTER!!  FUN in the TUB!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas was the BEST this year!!  LOTS of pictures....ENJOY!