Loving everyday with our little miracles...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just for fun!

I thought I'd share a couple of mine and Brent's baby pictures to see if you think the girls look like us. We're both about 6 months old.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting caught up...7 1/2 months!

The girls are doing amazingly!! Saylor has started crawling everywhere and sitting up so good. Charlee's still doing everything but walking. They've also added some new words to their vocabularies. Charlee's new favorite is "bye bye". Aunt Belee taught her that one. She also got Saylor to say "hi"! Saylor's favorite is still "momma, momma, momma"! :) She's not said "da da" yet but we're really working on it. There are so many new sounds they make each day...it just blows my mind how fast it all starts happening.
Yesterday they sat face to face and just laughed and laughed at each other. Normally I'm reaching for the camera during moments like this, but instead I just sat there crying while I watched and listened to them. They are just the most precious little girls!
Usually when they're near each other, Charlee's trying to lovingly grab Saylor's eyes and hair and toys and Saylor's just screaming at her! But not yesterday. Hopefully this is a turn of events. I'm loving watching them grow and develop and so, so thankful and grateful that I have the chance to.
I've added some of my new favorite pictures. Although, every picture I take is my new favorite! :) :)

Getting ready to jump in the tub...she'll kill me for this one day, but I just had to share!

how sweet is this???

My new individual favorites of the girls...


She found the end table

Nobody puts Saylor in the corner!

Guess who has little bitty teeth marks on her bed?!?

Tried the bumbos...great for pictures, but not for bathing. But we tried.

AWE!!! They look really grown up in this picture...too grown up almost!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Look Ma! No Hands!

On Friday Charlee stood from the ground up all by herself. Of course I didn't see it the first 2 times she did it and Brent did...he gave me the play-by-play. But, since then she's done it sooooo many times! She's only 7 1/2 months old...it's all happening too fast! She could take her first steps by 8 months at the rate she's going now. Slow down, sister!! We're amazed and so proud!

Saturday at Pops and Mimi G's

On Saturday, we celebrated Corey and Tiffany's birthdays at Pops and Mimi G's house. The girls had a blast playing with Jordyn and Kensley.

Jordyn...so handsome!

Beautiful Kensley!

Uncle Corey and Saylor

Uncle Corey and Charlee

Jordyn was a really good sport while getting this picture made. Charlee was all over him and stealing his passy. Jordyn just sat there and took it. I can't wait to see him when Addyson gets here! He'll be the BEST big brother!!

Girls' Day (and Daddy)

We got to spend Friday with Aunt Belee, Ava, and Willa. Willa spent Thursday night with Kimberly so they came over to play with the girls. We had the best time. These pictures aren't in order...I promise it didn't start with a nap. ;)

Check out Ava's new trick! It's super impressive!!


Look at the pretty baby!

Look at that pretty baby!

Just fits!

Friday, April 16, 2010

One of the Girls' Most Favorite Visitor of All!!

One of my good friends, Alisha, came to see the girls at the beginning of March and kept needing to go home...but for some reason she just couldn't leave!! :) :) These girls are really hard to walk away from! We hope she comes back real soon and brings little Lizzie with her!

They keep asking me when that crazy lady's come back!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Girls, you've got company!!

Over the past week the girls have had quite a few visitors and I thought I'd share some of our pictures with you. I think they really like to see new faces. :) :) The girls love visitors, so come by any time! Our house now has a rotating door.

This is one of my new favorites of them together.

Pops and Mimi G...check out Charlee's belly

Aunt Kay, me, and Dustin

Dustin with the girls

Charlee driving Big, Saylor, and MeeMaw

Saylor and MeeMaw

Saylor and Ava's new "kid" Madelyn...Looks like I'm a Great Aunt!

Charlee and Madelyn

Pretty girl

Just precious

The girls with my very good friend, Emily Waddell. She got them these adorable headbands! I love them! Thanks again Emily!! :) :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

The little teeth that could...

FINALLY! Saylor's 2 bottom teeth have busted through her little gums! I thought they would be in a month ago but these things take time. Charlee has 3 now...2 on bottom and 1 on top. Saylor's catching up 2 at a time! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We got our ears pierced!! :) :)

Yesterday we went to Mrs. Patsy's Unique Boutique to get the girls' ears pierced. Brent decided to stay home so it was Shirley, Mama, Cameron and me. I must say it was a little traumatizing but they sure do look sweet! When we got home all their Daddy could say was that they didn't look like his babies anymore. I think he'll get used to it as time goes by and when he can put little diamonds in their ears.

Getting ready to go...

Charlee...after most of the tears stopped :)

Saylor...only one is done here

Home! Just beautiful!

Bless her heart...but she looks precious!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching up with the girls...

Here are some of my favorite pictures we've taken of the girls in the past few weeks. They're both doing great! I think the only thing Charlee can't do right now is walk and sleep through the night. Saylor is sitting really well, but still wobbly. She's gets anywhere she wants to go as long as it's behind her! Charlee's hair is getting really long and Saylor's is too, but you just can't see it as well because it's so light. We're still not real sure what color hair she's gonna have. It kinda changes a lot and kinda depends on what light she's in. But, she's got a lot of it and it's really fuzzy in the back so I'm sure that means CURLS! :)

Jordyn trying to give Charlee her passy

Aunt Glenda, Jordyn and Saylor

I have soooo many pictures like this...poor Saylor!

Charlee flipped the "zoo" on top of her.

Saylor loves her Jumperoo so much she falls asleep in it now.



Saylor made it to the ottoman!

Poor Saylor!