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Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Endless Summer...

 I must say that THIS Summer has been one of my best yet!  Being a teacher definitely has its perks when it comes to vacation time.  I will say that we ALL DESERVE and work incredibly hard for it.  Other occupations should be afforded the same luxury.  :)  But, I appreciated this summer more than most!  The girls have had a GREAT time EVERY single DAY!  They got to be outside from the time they woke up until it got past dark.  They slept in until 10:00 a.m. most days...but, went to sleep between 10 and 11:00 p.m.  We didn't squeeze in everything that we'd planned, but we made memories to last a lifetime in our own backyard. :)

Silly Saylor in her new hat.

Father's Day Chalk art.  This was a memory for sure. 

Looking at the lightning bugs after their bath one night.  I LOVE those shirts. :)
Saylor, Jordyn, Charlee, and Addyson.  Precious cousins!

Nana's 83rd birthday party.  We had it at the nursing home.  It went so great.  Lots of laughs and some tears, too.  A little over a week later, Nana fell and broke her hip.  She had surgery and is still recovering. 


NOW, The highlight of my life...next to my wedding day and the girls' birth...NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! ! ! ! ! !  They were better than ever!  I got lucky and found FRONT ROW tickets...Mandy and I went with our oldest, dearest friend Jaclyn...who went with us to see them way back in 1989 or 90.  And I invited Kristin, she was at that same concert all those years ago, too.  Who knew we'd all get a chance to see them again.  By the way...I was only 9 the first time I saw them.  :)

One of my favorite pictures ever!

4 Crazy old ladies...we saw quite a few 'crazy old ladies' that night.

Precious!! On our way to UNA to see the Lions!


We got to see Jordyn and Addyson so much this summer!  They're honestly the best kids.  I never have any trouble from either one of them.  :)   <3 p="">
One of my little projects.

SAWYER SHELTON!  Best buddies!!!



 Fun times in the bathroom!  lol 

All piled up in Cameron's car!

Watering the flowers...silly girl.

A little more chalk art....

My birthday cookout at Shirley's. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  MY LOVES, we're just missing Brent in this picture. 

At Bridgestreet...Willa, Ian, Tillman, Saylor, Charlee

My 33-year-old self.

 Riding the train!

Mandy made her 1st birthday cake for me!!!  It was sooo good!

All ready to go to Big's to spend the night.  Saylor made it all night, but Charlee called at 10 to come home.  BUT, just a few nights later...they both stayed all night!  Brent and I cleaned house. 

Anderson Park!!!!

Pictures for our invitations.

The day before we started back to school, we went to Deibert Park to feed the ducks.   We didn't see any ducks, but there were plenty of turtles and fish. 

First day of our last year of Preschool!! 

 Saylor fell asleep like this after day 2 of school.  Bless her!!!