Loving everyday with our little miracles...

Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Setback

I decided to take the girls back to the doctor this morning. Over the weekend, we knew they were a lot better than they were during the week, but they were incredibly crabby and clingy and starting to develop a pretty nasty cough. It would be the strangest thing, they would be great for 2 or 3 hours and then, WHAM! they would feel so bad and of course everything is worse at night. Last night was their worst with coughing and drainage... no fevers, but just couldn't rest. Saylor's cough has been worse than Charlee's so she got a prescription for a steroid and if Charlee's gets any worse we can give it to her, too.(if we can get it down her, she's awful at taking medicine). It's about 10:00 on Monday night and both sweeties are sleeping soundly for now. I'm hoping for a good night...we all need one.=)

Here's a few pictures that I took over the last week and tonight.

hmmm...what's this?

"Look Momma, I'm 'in sink'!" =)

Playing the organ at Aunt Joyce's house.

After our doctor's appointment today. Look how pitiful Saylor is! Charlee just loves loving on Saylor.

"Oh, Daddy! You're so silly!"


"Big, that's not how you wear pants."

"This is!"

About to jump in the tub and get ready for bed.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30, 2009

Two years ago today we found out we were pregnant...We will always remember and celebrate this day because becoming pregnant seemed like something that was so out of reach for us. We actually found out over the phone. I had to go get bloodwork that morning and we asked the nurse to call my cell phone and leave a message with my test results (positive or negative). The instant we heard the words "you're definitely pregnant" all our prayers had been answered, our dreams had come true, and our wishes had been granted. We were finally going to get be a Momma and a Daddy! We hoped and prayed for one healthy baby but found out the next month that there were two heartbeats! WOW! God is good!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeling Better

The girls are doing a lot better! Thank goodness! They were so pitiful and seeing them that way at the same time was so hard! This flu really got the best of them. They both still have runny/stuffy noses and are really clingy, but otherwise they're great and back to playing and singing and dancing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well, that didn't take long...

Saylor woke up from her nap with 101 temperature and lots of snot.=( Just called the doctor to get another prescription. Pray for fast healing with my 2 littles. =)

Charlee update...

It's the FLU!!!! Her temperature averaged 100 over the last 24 hours and she produced more mucus than I ever imagined possible. Above all, I just knew she didn't feel good. She wasn't herself at all. So, this morning she just seemed to be getting worse as the morning went on so I took her to the doctor and I'm thankful I did. NOW, I guess I'll nurse Charlee back to health while I wait on Saylor to get it. Let's hope not!

A BIG thank you to Mama, Shirley, Tracy, and Kimberly for stepping in to help me out this morning! =) I have the BEST family!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lots of topics...

I've got quite a few things to talk about this morning to get you caught up with the 2 sweeties, but first and foremost...Charlee woke up this morning with a 104 fever. Every morning she wakes up between 6 and 6:30 and I go get her and we go back to sleep until Saylor wakes up around 7:45. Charlee was fine when I got her at 6:30, but by 8:00 she was still sound asleep and Saylor was awake. I went to pick up Charlee so we could go get Saylor and she was on fire. I checked her temperature and it was 104. 2. I called the doctor and it took over an hour for them to call me back! In the meantime, I gave her some ibuprofen, called Brent, called Mama (in case I had to take her she could stay with Saylor). Shirley came over to help me out. We put her in the tub and that helped to bring it down and luckily it's still down at 11:15, but she's certainly not herself. I'm just going to watch her for the next 24 hours and hopefully she'll be ok and I don't have to take her to the doctor's office only to leave with more than we went in with. But, I'm so grateful for the BEST parents and mother-in-law! They were all here within a matter of minutes to take care of these precious girls. We're so lucky!! =)

On another note, we've a blast the past couple of days! On Sunday, Mimi G and Pops came up to visit! Charlee used to not have anything to do with Pops, but not Sunday!! She couldn't get enough of him! =) It was so sweet! Now, Saylor has taken Charlee's old role and she wouldn't have much to do with him. But that's alright.
Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist so Meme and Papa got to stay with the girls. I was able to get a lot accomplished, too. Dentist, got new glasses, HobbyLobby -a must-, and Wal-Mart.

Last night the girls wouldn't keep their clothes on! Charlee's really into not keeping her pants on. She tries to get them off at least 4 or 5 times a day. They also got pig tails for the first time last night. SO CUTE!!

Charlee with Pops

Charlee and sweet Mimi G! Saylor wouldn't stay with anybody long enough for a picture.

Later on that night with Big's pearls on.

Saylor saying "CHEESE" with Big's pearls on.

Yesterday, I got a SWEET delivery! Splenda French Vanilla coffee flavor. I HAVE to have this in my coffee and NOBODY has them in their stores anymore! NOBODY! So I ordered some from Splenda.com. The girls are playing with the little boxes they came in.

Maybe this is the beginning of potty training! =)


Saylor's pig tails!

Charlee's audition for the Coppertone baby! =) She walked around forever with hand down her diaper. SILLY girl!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Basketball, Basketball, and more Basketball

Today, the girls and I got to see 3 awesome basketball games at Lexington. Braxton, Ava and Dylan played. They are all 3 very impressive athletes. The girls really enjoyed it. I think they did pretty well considering they couldn't get down and run around.

Braxton in action!

Charlee and Saylor seeing their Daddy's football in the trophy case for the first time! This was really special! Brent was definitely an impressive athlete!!

Ava in action!

Beautiful Charlee with the best Papa on Earth!

Saylor says "UP"


Dylan shooting a free throw

Saylor with Aunt Tracy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super, Duper Days!!!!

The girls and I have had 2 WONDERFUL days in a row! Which, honestly, most of our days are wonderful, but these have been exceptional! =) Yesterday, we got up and got ready and went to Target to get out of the house for a little while. I stopped at Chik-fil-a and got us some lunch. We came home and ate and got ready for naps...Momma got ready, they were having none of it. SO, I didn't want to fight them so I let them play. At 4:30 it was time for dinner and of course they both conked out on me. Today, we had a party at our house and everybody came (well, almost everybody)! Meme and Papa, Aunt Belee, Aunt Tracy, Aunt Mandy and Willa, Aunt Kristi and Tillman. We ate, we danced, we played, and we didn't want to nap again! Although, when everybody left the girls had a snack and didn't fight me one bit, but it was 3:00. I loved having everybody over and cooking for them. We'll be doing it again and again, I hope. =)

Yesterday, playing in their toy box.

Napping during dinner.

Charlee woke up like this and was so, so pitiful for about the next 30 minutes.

Saylor woke up like this..."I took a nap, I'm good. Why are you taking my picture?"

Today, Tea Party with Willa and Tillman.

Let's Eat! Yummo, Lasagna!

My silly sisters and me "playing".

Dance Party!!! Go Charlee!!

Willa, shaking her booty! SO CUTE!!!!

Aunt Kristi and Mama

Mandy (with Willa's bow in her hair), Tracy, and Kimberly

Daddy and his girls.

Tillman riding the 4-wheeler

Willa in the kitchen! What a doll!!

Charlee and Aunt Mandy

The girls having a tea party. Charlee and Willa just couldn't get along today. I think they're so much alike. Charlee can get away with taking things from Saylor because Saylor just doesn't care (sometimes), but she can't do it with Willa.

Tillman REALLY loving on Charlee!

Saylor =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Catching up with the girls

Not much is new around our house. I'm pretty sure the girls are learning at lightning speed these days. It just blows me away! We also have constant dance parties. When they hear music, they have to move. I really need to get some videos on here to share with all of you. I think Saylor always has a song in her head. =)
Here are just a few pictures I've taken the past few days.

In the tub. Drawing on the walls.

Charlee is the most loving little girl and she LOVES her Saylor! Saylor loves her, but she only shows her when SHE wants to. So, this is usually how this works. Charlee's trying to chase a hug down.

Lots of sweet cousins at Meme and Papa's.

Charlee is so addicted to the phone. She looks like she's playing office here.

We had some of our favorite visitors last night. Aunt Tiff Tiff brought over Jordyn and Addyson.

Saylor in one of her new favorite positions. ugh...

Charlee loving on Addyson! SWEET!!

Addyson pulling Charlee's hair. She actually handled it better than I expected. She was ok with it and went back in for some more hugs.

All the grandgirls.

Charlee and Jordyn with their phones.