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Saturday, June 22, 2013

LOTS of catching up to do....

WOW!  I cannot believe how long it's been since my last post.  We've had OH SO MUCH happen...where, oh where to begin?  The winter really did them in with sickness and it literally took until the beginning of May to get them well.  They absolutely love preschool and all their friends and teacher.  It's AMAZING how much they've learned!  Very early on they knew months, days of the week, The Pledge of Allegiance and OH SO MUCH MORE! :D    They also love to play dress-up with their friends at school and "get married"-especially to Sawyer!  :)  Summer has been spectacular so far...it's already going by way too fast, but we're soaking up every second!

Here are a few pictures.................


They got married...to each other...that's Saylor's ring.



Maybe we have some future basketball players.?.
Loving our desks!  Papa painted these long before the girls were even a year old.  :)
Easter at Big's house.
Easter at MeMe and Papa's.

Charlee said "this is what Adam Levine does."!  She's just a little obsessed.  I don't know where she comes up with this stuff???...??? ;)

Sleeping away in our bed.

Constant entertainment!

OH ME!  Saylor found my one and only pair of panty hose...she felt quite fancy! :)

Enjoy the sunshine after school each day.

Willa's 5th birthday party at her new house!

Charlee being shy...silly girl.

FAMILY <3 p="">

LOVE this picture and these silly kiddos!!!

Mandy's beautiful new home!  I'm so proud and happy for her!
Preschool graduation program.  They worked so hard on this.  It was precious!  Poor Charlee almost didn't make it through it.  She wanted to be with her Daddy and went back and forth between crying and holding back tears during the first half.  Bless her heart!
Saylor and sweet Sawyer! 

Mrs. Donna!! 

Gettin' jiggy!

About to go swimming at Big's on Memorial Day.  This was right before Saylor bumped her head on the side of the pool.  Poor baby!!! :(

If you look closely, you can see her big bruise on her forehead.

Beauties!  Check out those RED lips!

PAINTING!  and then BATHING! :)

Play-do with Willa!
I was testing out the lighting for some future pics.....

Our future golfers???

Charlee hit it and then said "TOUCHDOWN"! ! !

Our precious Nana!  :) 

FUN times with the neighborhood kiddos! 

Playing with Ian, Willa, and Tillman in Mandy's backyard.

Look at all those balloons!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This was the day that my girls discovered that I do NOT like balloons!  AT ALL!

Trying to get a "perfect" picture of all us...this says it all! 

Charlee cooling down...about to take off!

Just playing in the extra garage.

Brent's really making our golf cart so nice!  We LOVE it!

CUTIE PIES!!!!!            More pictures coming soon!