Loving everyday with our little miracles...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Times with the Green's

Charlee and Saylor are the sweetest little girls I know.  They're also the biggest little stinkers I know, too!  The SWEET always out ways the other.  =)  They're 2 going on 12.  They are both incredibly independent.  Saylor more than Charlee.  AND it AMAZES us at just how smart they are.  Maybe we're a little bias, but they already know so much.  We're so proud and they surprise us daily at what they know and are able to do.  I still get teary-eyed when these things happen, too.  They're the best of friends and they're just like sisters should be.  Charlee, unfortunately bites poor Saylor some times. ...I'm told that I was a biter, too.  I have NO recollection of this.  =)   BUT, Saylor will go up to Charlee and pull a hair from her head and say "I got you hair Charlee".  Saylor is the more tender hearted and outgoing and Charlee is more stubborn and the biggest little giggle box.    We see ourselves  in each one more and more.  We just can't imagine life with only one child!  DOUBLE THE LOVE!!!  DOUBLE THE FUN!!!! 

The girls' aprons and chef hats from Santa.  He must know how much they love to bake.

We've been playing with Jordyn and Addyson a lot lately.  It's so much fun for all of us.  The girls LOVE Jordyn.. One night they had been playing in their rooms and Jordyn comes out and says "Charlee and Saylor are STILL huggin' me"!  It was the SWEETEST thing!  They're huggers!

Charlee admiring herself.  Look at those sweet tippy-toes!

 Their first time playing Candy Land.   I have to admit they did great!