Loving everyday with our little miracles...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our 1st trip to Build A Bear!

We made an impromptu trip to Huntsville last Sunday just to take the girls to Build A Bear.  This is one of the best things we've done!  They loved every second of it and it was just so sweet.  They both chose Hello Kitty's.  Charlee named hers Charlee and Saylor named hers Saylor!  :)


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WHAT?!? A NEW POST??!!??

I PROMISE I will never, ever go more than 2 months without posting again.  EVER!  PROMISE!!
We've been pretty busy over the past couple of months.  I've been tired, maybe a little exhausted.  School is a new adventure everyday for me and my 4th graders.  And, of course, my adventure continues when I get home.  The girls had their 3 year check up.  Of course they're perfectly perfect in every way.  According to Brent and me, anyway.  They're both in the 25% in height and weight.  But, oh so  healthy! 
I'm going to just explain pictures as you look.....   here we go!!
Papa's birthday - September 12th!  Notice the picture in Charlee's hand...that was part of Papa's present.  :)  My "4th grade" picture.
 Science experiments...food color, milk, and a q-tip with dawn soap.  FUN!!!


 I just wanted some love!  :)

Brent was asked by the Air Evac to ride in the UNA Homecoming parade.  Of course, he said yes, but only if his girls could ride, too.  He's not real big on all the attention.  The girls on the other hand....

 We are officially in full size beds!!  The girls got to pick out their bedding.  Charlee chose Hello Kitty and Saylor chose LaLa Loopsy.  I love their rooms.  Just wish they were WAY bigger!

 Charlee has discovered she got some COOL tricks...She's pretty amazing...it's scary!
 Saylor can do it, too....with just  a LITTLE bit of help.
 Precious girl before she woke up one morning. 
 Sweet Bailey's 5th birthday party!  I just can not believe she's 5!! 

Baby Thomas!!!  He's beyond precious!!  I wish we got to see him and his big sister more!!  I miss their Mama SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!
 Brent and Chris showing off their cool tricks.  Charlee was NOT happy about this.  Not sure if she was worried Brent was gonna hurt himself, but she cried the whole time this was going on. 

 Love these next few...we'll start wearing all our clothes one day...maybe??

 Little helpers..
 Aunt Tiff Tiff reading to everybody.
 We got to dress up early this year to go to the Fall Festival in Rogersville.  They had a costume parade. 

 Pumpkin Fun with Daddy!!!

 Checking out the best stuff for Christmas...This is gonna be lots of fun this year!!!
 We had LOTS and LOTS of fun at Kaden's birthday party!! 

 Happy Birthday to Kaden!!!  He just shouldn't be 6 years old yet!!!  Sweet boy!!

Getting to "hold" Bailey Hale.  They LOVED this!!!

 Waiting on the Lexington Homecoming parade to start.  Saylor doesn't like the sirens...AT ALL!
 At MeMe and Papa's.  Showing off our cool tricks...Saylor tries so hard.  She'll be our manager when Charlee and I take our show on the road. 
 At the kids' table.  LOVE ALL these sweet nieces and nephews of mine!!
 I am SO proud of our Big (shrinking) brother, John!!  Looking good!

Happy Halloween!!!  This is such a prime example of these two silly girls.  We couldn't get Saylor to smile for anything and Charlee's full of glee.  Definitely our Mini Me's.  :)

 GO TIGERS!!!  Our NEW shirts!!!