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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed in at Meme and Papa's

On Sunday night, we decided it would be best for the girls and me to go to Mama and Daddy's in case our power went out due to the snow. Brent was gonna be out of town for work and we would've been able to live in their motor home during the power outage. SO, we packed up the ENTIRE house and made our way to Lexington and Brent hit the road for work. We had been there for about 30 minutes and Brent called and said he didn't have to go in, so he came and got snowed in too! We had the BEST time! We came back yesterday and Brent went back to work this morning.

On Sunday I wanted to get a picture of the whole gang in front of the fireplace waiting on the blizzard. I set the timer and had 2 seconds to get in place. This is the first picture. This is right before I landed on my hip and almost died from laughter! Everybody thought I was crying because I was hurt, but I was laughing SO hard because I should've known I couldn't run over there in 2 seconds!!

I reset the timer for 10 seconds on this one! =)

Gettin ready to go out in the snow. Papa was wrapping all of our feet in garbage bags and Charlee didn't like it! She cried until they came off.

Saylor ready to hit the snow.

This is the only time Charlee smiled in the snow. 'Cause she had Papa!

They lasted about 15 seconds.

Our family picture.

My love and me

Y'all are crazy out there in that snow! We're staying inside with Meme!

Cameron all covered in snow.

Dylan...I thought this was a great picture of him

All the men!

The wall of snow going into the pool.

The pink flamingos survived.

Eating lunch with the beautiful scenery behind them.

Dylan gave the girls his MegaBlocks to take home. They had so, so much fun playing at Meme and Papa's and I'm pretty sure they're missing them already!

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  1. Danielle, I love looking at your pictures and reading your blog. The girls are adorable and growing so fast, like Miss Lacey!
    Keep up the good work :)))