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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Day 1 without pacis went better than I expected! Naps and night time were harder on Charlee than Saylor. This really surprised me because Saylor's usually the one who has to have hers. But, we stayed busy (as usual)!

My littles dancing with their new style. First, Saylor took her arm out of her sleeve, then she helped Charlee with hers.

I love this picture!

I LOVE you Saydor!

My little artists!! We finger painted for the first time last night! =) They did a beautiful job!! I was just gonna give them a piece of paper, but I thought I'd make their first time a little more special with a real canvas. =) Look at Charlee looking at her hands...she really wasn't so sure about it, but Saylor just jumped right in!

The girls' masterpieces on their trays...and posing for the camera.

Then it was straight to the tub.

Our beautiful works of art! Saylor's is on the left and Charlee's is on the right. I'm so proud of these!!

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