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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Catching up with the girls

Not much is new around our house. I'm pretty sure the girls are learning at lightning speed these days. It just blows me away! We also have constant dance parties. When they hear music, they have to move. I really need to get some videos on here to share with all of you. I think Saylor always has a song in her head. =)
Here are just a few pictures I've taken the past few days.

In the tub. Drawing on the walls.

Charlee is the most loving little girl and she LOVES her Saylor! Saylor loves her, but she only shows her when SHE wants to. So, this is usually how this works. Charlee's trying to chase a hug down.

Lots of sweet cousins at Meme and Papa's.

Charlee is so addicted to the phone. She looks like she's playing office here.

We had some of our favorite visitors last night. Aunt Tiff Tiff brought over Jordyn and Addyson.

Saylor in one of her new favorite positions. ugh...

Charlee loving on Addyson! SWEET!!

Addyson pulling Charlee's hair. She actually handled it better than I expected. She was ok with it and went back in for some more hugs.

All the grandgirls.

Charlee and Jordyn with their phones.

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