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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Girls, you've got company!!

Over the past week the girls have had quite a few visitors and I thought I'd share some of our pictures with you. I think they really like to see new faces. :) :) The girls love visitors, so come by any time! Our house now has a rotating door.

This is one of my new favorites of them together.

Pops and Mimi G...check out Charlee's belly

Aunt Kay, me, and Dustin

Dustin with the girls

Charlee driving Big, Saylor, and MeeMaw

Saylor and MeeMaw

Saylor and Ava's new "kid" Madelyn...Looks like I'm a Great Aunt!

Charlee and Madelyn

Pretty girl

Just precious

The girls with my very good friend, Emily Waddell. She got them these adorable headbands! I love them! Thanks again Emily!! :) :)

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