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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting caught up...7 1/2 months!

The girls are doing amazingly!! Saylor has started crawling everywhere and sitting up so good. Charlee's still doing everything but walking. They've also added some new words to their vocabularies. Charlee's new favorite is "bye bye". Aunt Belee taught her that one. She also got Saylor to say "hi"! Saylor's favorite is still "momma, momma, momma"! :) She's not said "da da" yet but we're really working on it. There are so many new sounds they make each day...it just blows my mind how fast it all starts happening.
Yesterday they sat face to face and just laughed and laughed at each other. Normally I'm reaching for the camera during moments like this, but instead I just sat there crying while I watched and listened to them. They are just the most precious little girls!
Usually when they're near each other, Charlee's trying to lovingly grab Saylor's eyes and hair and toys and Saylor's just screaming at her! But not yesterday. Hopefully this is a turn of events. I'm loving watching them grow and develop and so, so thankful and grateful that I have the chance to.
I've added some of my new favorite pictures. Although, every picture I take is my new favorite! :) :)

Getting ready to jump in the tub...she'll kill me for this one day, but I just had to share!

how sweet is this???

My new individual favorites of the girls...


She found the end table

Nobody puts Saylor in the corner!

Guess who has little bitty teeth marks on her bed?!?

Tried the bumbos...great for pictures, but not for bathing. But we tried.

AWE!!! They look really grown up in this picture...too grown up almost!

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