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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching up with the girls...

Here are some of my favorite pictures we've taken of the girls in the past few weeks. They're both doing great! I think the only thing Charlee can't do right now is walk and sleep through the night. Saylor is sitting really well, but still wobbly. She's gets anywhere she wants to go as long as it's behind her! Charlee's hair is getting really long and Saylor's is too, but you just can't see it as well because it's so light. We're still not real sure what color hair she's gonna have. It kinda changes a lot and kinda depends on what light she's in. But, she's got a lot of it and it's really fuzzy in the back so I'm sure that means CURLS! :)

Jordyn trying to give Charlee her passy

Aunt Glenda, Jordyn and Saylor

I have soooo many pictures like this...poor Saylor!

Charlee flipped the "zoo" on top of her.

Saylor loves her Jumperoo so much she falls asleep in it now.



Saylor made it to the ottoman!

Poor Saylor!

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