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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walking in Granny's Shoes & Night Time with Sister

Yesterday morning we got a little visit with Granny! When she was going to leave, Charlee got her shoes and started to put them on. Granny helped her get them on and she took a walk. SO CUTE!

Saylor decided it was HER turn! (yes, she is trying to push her down)

Granny helping Saylor.

Saylor thought it wasn't as fun as Charlee made it look!

Charlee had a rough day yesterday because she couldn't sleep the night before. She had a really bad stuffy nose and just couldn't rest. So...she didn't feel good and was really whiney and fussy. She had been crying here and then started laughing. I think those 'I've been crying, but everything's wonderful now' faces are just the sweetest!

...and then she sneezed!!!!!! I know this is gross, but as soon as I took it all this came out. Bless her heart!

These pictures were at about 6:00 last night. Normally, they DON'T get to take a snooze this close to bedtime, but there was just no stopping them.

Then, they woke up, got baths and PLAYED!! Saylor has ALWAYS loved to put things on her head and walk around. Charlee has just recently got into it. They pull whatever it is off of each other heads and say "pee-pie"! and just LAUGH and LAUGH! It's so sweet!

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