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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

On Saturday, we went to the Belue Pumpkin Patch for Kaden Sledge's 4th birthday party! It was the perfect place to have a party! The girls got to go on their first hay ride and pick out a pumpkin. Later on we went Trick or Treating! =) We didn't get very far because Charlee started feeling so bad and fell fast asleep on us. Yesterday, we rearranged the pictures in the living room since we finished our first year with HMP studios. I was so ready to get them in place. Then, Brent had to get ready to leave for Clarksville. =(

Our 1st Hay Ride!!

My mini-me

Trick or Treat, Papa!!

They are 2 very happy lady bugs!! It was so funny...seeing them from the back, I didn't know who was who...it was like they were TWINS or something! =)

Saylor with MeeMaw - playing with her chair.

Poor baby...

Of course Saylor had to wear her bucket on her head.

"monkey see, monkey do"

Brent getting ready to go...

This morning at 7:30...somebody didn't sleep very well!

Our new wall!!

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  1. Cutest little ladybugs I've ever seen and I love the picture of Charlee sleeping at breakfast! What a sweet, SWEET family you have.