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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Precious Moments

The past couple of days the girls have done some of the SWEETEST things! I was very grateful to have the camera nearby so I could capture these moments.

I caught Charlee "changing" Saylor's diaper. I've gotta pretty good feeling this not gonna be the last time this one happens.


Holding hands walking around the living room!

Kissy, Kissy

When Saylor gets excited she starts flapping her arms, which looks a lot like slapping, but it's not...Poor Charlee, she just takes it and giggles!

Look what Big brought over! They LOVE it! AND they SHARE!!

Tires look good, sister!

Last night we went to Kenzie Hale's 5th birthday party at Forest Jumps in Muscle Shoals. She had a great party and looked soo cute! The girls had the best time!!

We tried to get a picture of them sitting in the birthday chair...I knew it wouldn't happen!

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