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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Painting, Party, and Meme & Papa's

This past week I've been busy doing a little painting...I did an owl for Bailey's 3rd birthday, Alabama for Dylan's newly decorated room, and a trio for the girls' room that I don't like at all and plan on redoing but thought I'd show it anyway.
On another note, since we started the girls on whole milk 2 months ago they'd both been waking up a lot needing to burp or toot and couldn't go back to sleep until one or the other happened. So, I decided to call the doctor and ask what they suggested we try...they said either Silk soy milk or sweet acidophilus. We decided to go with the sweet acidophilus and they've both slept ALL night long since we made the switch!! =) Happy Bellies = Happy Babies!!! Such an easy fix!
Saturday we headed to Cullman to celebrate Bailey's 3rd birthday! She had an awesome Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party!! Laura had made the sweetest tutu for her to wear and our good friend Tiffany Erwin made her the most adorable shirt! The girls had such a good time and kept their bows in for most of the party!!! Laura made all the kiddos Mickey Mouse tote bags with their names on them and did a GREAT job! They're so cute!
Today, Brent sent the girls and me away to Meme and Papa's so he could clean the house! He's the BEST! We had a wonderful day with them...as usual...good food included!! =)

Bailey's owl to go with her new birthday bedding.

I guess this is a good practice set. They'll look different the next time you see them.

Roll Tide!

At Bailey's party...don't they look CUTE!?!? These are their birthday outfits from Laura...not matching...take 2...

The Birthday Girl!

Daddy and his girls

Check out Charlee's arm...she's definitely MY child!

Papa brought down this couch that was mine and Mandy's when we were little.
Charlee LOVED it!!!

Saylor had to give it a GOOD talking to!! =)

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  1. those paintings are great!!! you are so talented!! Maybe we can start bartering- embroidery for paintings!!