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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas at Granny's and other sweetness!

This morning we ate Christmas breakfast at my Granny's house. It's always so much fun and this year was wonderful! =) I can't believe it's already come and gone though! We had to wake the girls up to go and it kinda messed little Charlee's schedule up, but that's the holidays and we just do what we have to do. After naps, everybody was a lot more cheery! =)
Some of these pictures are from a few days ago and today, but some are just too good not to share. (or so I think)

Charlee "talking" on the phone! She does this A LOT! it's precious!

This is a family tree I made for my parents for Christmas. There are 23 faces! =) I LOVE OUR FAMILY!! and I really loved making this gift.

Saylor showing off her legs =)

Our stockings...hung with care. We picked out this material and Brent's Aunt Joyce made these for us last year. They're just like the one's I had growing up...so special =)

Charlee has become such a girly girl wanting to carry around purses. We need to get her a real one.

The cake I made for Granny's this morning.

and my new cake carrier from my friend, Emily! A perfect gift for me! =)

Our newest Christmas family picture.

ALL the kiddos!

Zac, Mandy, Ian and Willa

John, Amanda, Mary Elizabeth, and Alexandria

Kimberly, Ava, Nick

Tracy, Brooklyn, Braxton, Cameron and Dylan...just missing Brian

Sherri, Uncle Mike, and Danielle

Aunt Susie, Granny, Mama, and Uncle Mike

This is a classic picture for us...people are getting pinched and poked and tickled behind the scenes=)

Mama, Daddy, Cameron and Dylan

Meme and Papa and ALL their grandkids...Willa didn't want to get her picture made so Mandy flew her in for a quick shot! =) OH, the memories!

Daddy and Grandma

Ian wanted to get a picture of his 3 girls...Willa, Charlee and Saylor... I know this looks a lot like their Santa picture, but they LOVE Ian, they were just tired of getting their picture taken =)

Willa, Ian and Dylan

Enjoying a game of Christmas trivia!

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