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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Busy, Busy!

Last Sunday, we had our annual Christmas lunch with Brent's dad's side of the family. I always look forward to seeing everybody. The girls had a great time playing with the big kids and the little kids. Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment and had been invited to a painting party at my good friend Emily Waddell's house. Mama and Daddy came over and gave me the whole day to finish Christmas shopping and go to the party. I had a great day and didn't get home until 10:00 PM! That's the most time I've ever been away from the girls and I missed them soo, soo much!! I don't know how I'm ever gonna go back to work in August! =( Yesterday was also our 8th anniversary!!!! Of course we've been together forever, but it just keep getting better and better! Brent's Christmas vacation officially starts today until January 3rd! I'm so grateful to have MY FAMILY together everday for the rest of the year! =)

ALL the kiddos at Aunt Abbie's for Christmas...

Riding our 4 wheelers after Christmas lunch last Sunday.

I've been feeling really creative lately and I've gotten some really great ideas from some blogs that I've found. Here's a G in a frame I spray painted. The G is just glued on to some scrapbook paper. Super easy!

Here's the Santa that I painted at Emily's house. Everybody's really turned out great! EMILY, THANK YOU for a wonderful time!! =)

This was this morning...more PRECIOUS MOMENTS...and tears from me! =) Brent said one night when we were getting the girls ready for bed "Ya know, if we cried at every sweet thing these girls did, we'd be crying all day" me..."I do!!"


  1. Danielle, I love all of your new creations you are making. I had so much fun at the party. I am so glad you got to come. Your Santa turned out so good! Merry Christmas!