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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Christmas and more...

After Christmas at Granny's on Saturday, we went over to Mama and Daddy's on Sunday. Then, on Monday, we had Christmas with my Nana. So far, Christmas has been absolutely wonderful and I hate that it's almost over.

This Cameron's name sign that I made for her. It's a lot different than all the others that I've done.

Saylor making her "cheese" face for the camera. =)

The girls dancing with Aunt Amanda and Mary Elizabeth.

OH NO! Papa, that thing's eating your finger!

Papa, I love you!!

Mary and Saylor

Not so sure about Uncle John, but we love him!

We LOVE Aunt Amanda!! and her phone!

Mary Elizabeth, Alexandria, Saylor and Charlee...Charlee was not herself and wanted no more pictures!

Look, Momma, SaySay is sleeping!

Just couldn't keep her eyes open

At Aunt Kristi and Uncle Stacy's house with Nana

Sweet Tillman

Dylan with his little buddy

Aunt Kay, Nana, and Uncle Stacy...I love this picture

Aunt Kristi and Tillman added in

The whole bunch before Mandy got there

Cameron and Tillman

Sweet Saylor...she was so sleepy!



The girls FIRST YEAR panels...

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