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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Grass Isn't Always Greener...

The girls and I got out of the house today and went to town. We were on our way back at about 1:30 and Shirley called to let me know that our neighbor almost burned our house down because she let her brush pile get out of hand!!!!!! Another neighbor saw that there was a fire and went to Shirley's to let her know. She grabbed her mopped and came over and tried to get it out, but no luck. The fire department showed up and saved the day! When she called to tell me my stomach flipped, but when I pulled into the subdivision I got a little sick to my stomach! It's simply by the grace of God that the wind didn't carry the flames any closer to our house. I'm also thankful we weren't home! Everything happens for a reason! I'm so afraid of fires because they can happen anywhere, anytime, to anybody! I feel like we've had enough experience with them. My wedding dress burned at Mary's Bridal AND our furniture was being stored at Town and Country while we were waiting for our house to get finished and it burned in their warehouse. By the way, each of those things happened on the 28th day of the month. 28 is my least favorite number. Here a few pictures I took just from the front of our house.



  1. WOW!!! I can't believe how close that fire came!! You guys are so lucky!! Glad everyone is okay :))

  2. OH Wow! that was really too close for comfort. I would have been freaking out! Soooo thankful everything is ok. Whew!