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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brent's surgery & Cameron's party

Brent's surgery couldn't have gone any better! We had to be there at noon. Meme and Papa watched the girls for us and Pops and Big came for the surgery. He's had more pain today (2nd day) but all in all he says it's just sore and he's keeping it elevated as much as possible. I think the itching from being wrapped up is bothering him more than anything. Thank goodness it's over he's recovering and he'll just be off work one day so he can go to therapy on Monday.
Cameron's party was today and was FABULOUS!! Mama said it was just going to be cake and ice cream, but she out did herself once again! Cameron got lots of beautiful jewelry and some money. All things a 14 year old loves!

Daddy and Charlee snuggling the night before his surgery.

This was after surgery...The girls sat with Daddy and read books and drank lots of water. They couldn't get enough of drinking from the bottle and Saylor would give us the BIGGEST grin after every drink!

Momma and Charlee

Daddy and the girls...and his Oompa Loompa ankle =)


This is how fingers get bit...but, they always have fun until somebody gets hurt!

Cameron's top hat cake. The pendant is something Mama found at an antique store. I thought it was the perfect finishing touch. =)


The partiers!

Papa with his newest toy...a Japanese pinball machine.

Cameron with Alex and Chance.

Ian and Willa! =)

Cameron...BEAUTIFUL!!! and so stylish might I add!

US! =)

This is Dylan telling Mama that he should get THAT piece because he's Cameron's brother and should get special treatment! He didn't get THAT piece! =)

Saylor loving on Tillman!

Charlee so excited about loving on Tillman!

The top hat cake made everybody have some pretty colorful tongues because it was black. Here we are showing just how much fun it was to eat!

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