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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

First of all, weekends go by way too fast!!! But, we always enjoy them! Sunday was our busiest day. We went to Jordyn and Addyson's house for Aunt Tiff Tiff's birthday party with Pops and Mimi G. We ordered Outpost 72 and it was really good. I hadn't eaten there in years! After that, we went to Target to get a new phone. Our littles "talked" on the other one too much. =) And, of course, shopping for one thing always turns into A LOT more with us. The girls had to have some cute crocs and we also got them their very own potties! =) Everything I've read about potty training says that readiness begins at 18 months and we're almost there. =( I'm going to try to train them according to the signs with the farmer's almanac again. We'll just try it every month until we get there, but I'm not forcing anything that they're not ready for. Today, Valentine's Day, I made the girls their own little heart cake and some cupcakes. Charlee barely looked at hers and Saylor pretty much just dug a hole in the center of it with her spoon. But, they looked cute with them. MEMORIES!

Charlee's new crocs.

Saylor's new crocs.

Saylor's new potty!

Charlee's new potty!

Give me 5, sister!! We can do this! =)

Their new Disney panties.

Charlee reading her Valentine's Day card. They've learned to say 'cool' and I found these cards that said "Totally Cool". I though that was COOL! =)

Saylor reading her card.

The official Valentine's kiss. Notice their clothes...I've given up trying to fix them. When we're home, Saylor will NOT keep her right arm in her sleeve and Charlee will NOT keep her pants on. This happens EVERYDAY! It doesn't bother me and they don't do it when we're anywhere else, so, I'm picking my battles.

Our Valentine treats! YUMMY!

Our visitors!!! =)

Jordyn enjoying his cupcake.

GROSS! EWWWW!! Get this off of me!

Saylor dug in and Charlee just scraped around.

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