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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Own Rooms and Other Excitement

First of all, I apologize for the delay in posting. I've been having so much trouble trying to post pictures. It's taken 3 days for this one post!
The girls are finally in their own rooms and they're doing GREAT! Much better than I expected. The night before we went to get Charlee's furniture, we were asking them if they were excited about getting their own rooms and they would say Noooo! and nu-uh. So, we were a little worried that they'd not want their own rooms at all. I love when they prove me wrong! =)

Here are a couple of pictures of the front of the house to show you the results of the fire. We need to go ahead and burn the rest of the grass so it doesn't look odd when it grows.

Getting their rooms ready. This is Charlee's. Saylor's dancing. =)

Here's Saylor's room getting ready.

Family picture with the self timer.

Sisterly love!

How sweet is this!?!

Reading with sister.


Saylor's doing her elephant! See her trunk!

This is a piece of furniture we got for Charlee's room. My Daddy painted it for us. This is the before.

And after. This REALLY doesn't do it justice. The color is called Tahiti Blue. I just picked out the color and Daddy did the rest. I finished the handles, too.

Charlee's semi-finished room. Minus a mirror. You can tell more about the color of the chest, but you HAVE to see it in person. It's gorgeous!!

I still have to sew her curtains, but I'm pretty sure that'll be the fabric.

Saylor's semi-finished room. That's Saylor's painted furniture that my Daddy did for her. It had been in their closet because we didn't have anywhere else for it. It's so cute and you can't really tell much about it's color either. I think it's just the most fun, playful little chest!

When we got the mirror up above the dresser I realized that the pink was just all wrong for her room. So, it's being repainted. surprise, surprise! =)

I'm almost positive that I'll redo her curtains, too. They're cute, but I just want something different.

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