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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching up with the girls

The girls are feeling a lot better today. Yesterday, they were still coughing quite a bit and really snotty, but still no fevers. The doctor seems to think they've gotten a post flu sinus infection, so he's got them on an antibiotic for the next week. Today was already much better.

Everyday, I think that they just couldn't possibly get more fun or do anything cuter than what they're doing now. BUT, everyday they prove me wrong and get cuter and more fun! And getting to see them do everything TOGETHER is the best part! =) I just can't imagine life with only one child. Although, last night I'm pretty sure Saylor wished she was an only child for a second...Charlee poopied in the tub!! Neither one of them really cared because bath time is tons of fun for them, but I got them out, cleaned everybody and everything up and we got ready for bed. There they go again...SO FUN! Never a dull moment, always a memory in the making. I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!

Saylor is really being a lot more affectionate toward Charlee this week. Sisterly love!


We've moved all their toys to one area in the living room. It's a little crowded in the corner but they're really good at pulling everything out and spreading it all over the place. It's their house. =)

They both took out a book today and went to their own bean bag to read! I was a very proud Momma! =) By the way, we took out their recliners because they just kept standing up and jumping in them. So, we decided they're not quite ready for them yet. I told Brent we should just regift them at Christmas next year. =) JUST KIDDING!! =)

My latest crafts...

I painted all these old picture frames and made my own mattes. I used wrapping paper or scrapbook paper on them. I was going to sale some of these frames in the yard sale and then it hit me...paint works wonders on ANYTHING!! I plan on putting these in the girls' rooms when they're in their own. We're still waiting on Charlee's furniture. We've been told it'll be another 2 weeks. ugh!

This is a mirror Shirley found for me at an auction. I told her we needed a big mirror to go over Saylor's dresser, but I didn't want to spend more than $50. If you've shopped for mirrors lately you know that's almost unheard of. But, she did it!

BEFORE...gold and green

AFTER...pink with blackish highlighting. I think it's gonna look so cute in her room. Now we're on the lookout for one in Charlee's room.

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  1. LOVE it! I'm so glad the girls are starting to feel better.