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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend - Part 2

Our Easter Bunny cake for Meme and Papa's Easter lunch.

 The girls' Easter baskets.  The Easter Bunny told us that he had so much fun getting all of this stuff together for  Charlee and Saylor.  =)

Checking out all of their goodies.

 All dressed up.

 Wearing Papa's shoes.

 Grandma and her girls.


 Just some of the cousins playing before lunch.

Getting ready for the BIG hunt!  Saylor found $16 and Charlee found $3.   Guess who added $13 more to Charlee's findings?   

 Big Brother, John and me.

 Mama, Granny and Mrs. Shelby.

 Brother and Sisters...we were just missing Brian in this picture.  Brent was taking pictures with our camera and Mama was taking them with John's A-MA-ZING camera.  This is one of those "you had to be there" moments, but I thought I'd share it anyway.  We were all posing and then all of a sudden Mama tries to take ONE picture and she pushes the button and it sounds like a machine gun because she took SO many pictures at one time.  As soon as it happened...

 Us girls DIED OUT LAUGHING and John's like, "Uh, Mama...Yeah, I've been meaning to fix that". 


 Kimberly said Brent and I looked so sweet standing talking to each other, so she snapped a picture.  It is pretty sweet.  =)

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