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Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Party #2!

Well, I just ordered the girls birthday party dresses for their 2nd birthday party!  I know it seems early, but I'm getting so excited about planning it and I want to be sure they have the perfect dress.  =)  We decided about a week ago that they'll be having a Minnie Mouse party.  I've already decided on their cakes (yes, they'll each have their own) and the decorations.  Now, it's just time to get crafty and start making it happen.
The weekend of the girls' party will be EXTRA special this year!  My grandma will be turning 90 on September 3rd, the day after the girls' birthday.  We're having a party for her on that Sunday and all her family and friends will be here for it!  That means that we'll get to see family that I've not seen since I was 14!  Some even before then!  Lots of catching up to do with aunts, uncles and cousins. =)  I'll be helping out with a lot of Grandma's party planning plus the girls and getting back into the swing of things at WORK.  So, I'll be a busy little bee, but I'll love every second of it!  =)

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