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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Sweeties!

Well, we got our NEGATIVE rotavirus results yesterday.  THANK GOODNESS!!! But, now poor little Saylor's cough is awful.  So, I called this morning and they called in a steroid for her to go along with the other prescription.  Charlee's doing fantastic, still a little snotty, but at least she can breathe again.  =)

Charlee with one of her war wounds.  She had a rough weekend.  On Saturday she climbed up in our big chair that sits by the window, turned around and looked down, saw her cup in floor and dove for it!  She landed right on her head and it scared me to death!!  She's fine, but then on Sunday, I was changing Saylor's diaper and looked over and Charlee was at one of the kitchen chairs about to climb up into it and I told her no.  So, instead she put her feet and legs on the inside bottom of it, grabbed the seat and leaned back.  When she landed the chair seat landed right on her chin, busted her gums and she was bleeding terribly.  Again, she was fine, but it scared me to death!!!  She's tough!

 I  bought these pajamas when the girls were about 6 or 7 months old and I'm so excited that they're getting to wear them.  In order to get Big and Little words, the big is a 2T and little is 24 months.  They should be able to wear these for awhile.  =)   ...you can see Charlee's bruise from falling out of the chair.  It actually looks better than I imagined it would.

This was this morning.  Saylor likes to go lay in front of the door a lot.  I think she's waiting on Daddy.  Charlee always follows...

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