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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A lot of sweetness and a BIG SURPRISE!!!

We've had a big week at our house...but, first here are some of the sweetest pictures of the girls.  Moments like this are so special!

 NOW, the BIG SURPRISE>>>We have a NEW KITCHEN!!!!  Since we moved into our house 4 1/2 years ago, I've pretty much hated our kitchen.  It never seemed finished and our stain  on the cabinets was never what we had wanted...so, now all that has been fixed.  We decided in the fall that we would get all of this done and we've been on the waiting list for cabinets since November.  Today it was finally all complete.  I also have to say that it's been incredibly hard to be happy about my brand new kitchen when people in our surrounding towns don't have anything of their homes left because of the tornadoes.  It's so bittersweet and I've counted my blessings everyday.  The man who came out to measure for the granite had just been in Hackleburg Wednesday morning at 9:00 and by lunch time the town was wiped off the map...he's still trying to get in touch with the people he'd seen that morning.  It breaks my heart! ! !  Brent was called out to work to get the TVA transmission towers and lines back up and running, so I've barely seen him and the girls haven't because of the late and early hours that he's in and out.  Home has just been a place to shower and rest his head, but we're grateful to at least have that and each other. 

Let the demolition begin...

I don't know what happened...where did it all go?


You'll see below in the after that the oven and microwave are now moved over...but, look here - Before there weren't even any cabinets on the right side of the oven.  It was just left open and we found this shelf at Hobby Lobby to try to make it look finished.

 Notice how there's nothing over the refrigerator or to the right side...it's just a hole!


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