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Saturday, April 2, 2011

19 Months Old...This is all happening too fast!!

Our babies are little girls and it's all so bittersweet!  They're 19 months old today.  It hadn't even dawned on me until this morning.  Shirley went with me to Wal-Mart because Brent's working this weekend and somebody asked her how old the girls are and she told them.  WOW!  Everybody said it would go fast,. but GEEZ!!!   Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Charlee with her model pose.

 I left them alone in Saylor's room for about 20 seconds and this is where I found them.

 We worked on drawing circles and this is Saylor's.  Her's are in the red.  I'm so proud!!!  They LOVE to draw and color.  I just put a piece of tape on the back of their paper so it doesn't slip and slide on the table. 
 Playing with our babies.
 Pee-Pie!!  Saylor's on the right side and you can tell she's taller.  =)
 Pretty girl!  The scratch on her nose is from Charlee the other day.
 Another model pose from Charlee Belle.
 Little monkey.  This child is fearless!

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