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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The fun continues...

Yesterday we just stayed in our pajamas all day!  I love those days.  Charlee decided her shirt looked best around her waist.  =)
OUCH!  This could be some payback...Sweet little Charlee has been a little on the not so nice side with Saylor lately.  She bit her pretty bad on her belly the other day and this morning she grabbed Saylor's nose and dug her fingernails in.  She left her mark on her little sister.  She's gotten in big trouble for these things, but I don't know if she's fully understanding or maybe she just doesn't care.  Hopefully this is all just a phase and this too shall pass.

Papa and his girls. =)


"I love you, Papa!"

Charlee's winking at Meme. ;)

Saylor wearing Daddy's new shirt.  I love that sweet face!

Big and Aunt Jan brought us over an Easter Bunny this morning!!! 

Even though Charlee has her little mean streak in her right now, she's still just as loving as ever.  Even with the column!  =)

Brent's Aunt Jan's birthday is tomorrow so Shirley asked me to do a cake for her.  Her favorite color is purple so I was SO EXCITED to do this for her!  I almost felt like I was decorating it for myself.

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