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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Doctor's Visit and Play Date!

The girls got to go see Dr. Crenshaw on Friday for their 18month check-up.  They are both looking great, but Charlee REALLY does NOT like going to the doctor!!!  There weren't even any shots involved.  My parents thankfully went with me.  Saylor is the BEST little patient, but Charlee doesn't even want to get her head measured.  It's so funny how different they are.  Charlee weighs 21 lbs. 14 oz and Saylor is 21 lbs. 5 oz.  I realized that they almost have a combined weight of 45 lbs which is how much I gained during my pregnancy.  Whew!  What a load!  Saylor is being referred to a local opthamologist for her left eye.  It's a little weaker and blinks alone a lot.  Hopefully, that'll be a no big deal kinda thing. 
Today, we had a play date with Bailey and Laura! ! !  It was SOOO good getting to see them!  I miss Laura so much!  The girls had lots of fun playing together and it was a good chance for all of us to learn sharing.  =)

Charlee's pose...she puts herself in situations that she thinks I'll want a picture of and says "cheese".  So, now I go get the camera and let her pose for me!  She's so cute!!
                               Saylor's turn!
Here's Papa doing his world famous "I've got a bird in my hand, listen to it tweet" trick!  I've seen this done with so many little ones and it was so exciting to see him doing it with Charlee and Saylor!
Saylor's turn!  She wouldn't take that "dollar" out of her mouth for anything!

                                        We LOVE Meme!!
                                We LOVE Papa!!!
                Kimberly and Ava came over for a little while yesterday afternoon and Ava read Green Eggs and Ham to the girls.  They were taking it all in!  Ava's an EXCELLENT reader!!  =)
     Saylor's room with the mirror put up.
     Charlee's room with her mirror. 
     Laura, Bailey, and the girls!  Sweet B!!  Look at the smile!  =)
           The girls really wanted to play with Bailey's game!

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