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Thursday, March 17, 2011

LOTS of fun = Lots of pictures ! ! !

Today we had our monthly get-together.  It was at Mama and Daddy's house this time.  It was lots of fun as usual!  Good food, Great people!  =)  I've got some pictures from today and the past couple of days.

Charlee was missing Daddy while he was at work so she wore his hat.  =)
Daddy and Happy Saylor

Charlee reading one of her favorite books while she's in the trampoline.

Today at Meme and Papa's.  This is Mama's new deacon's bench that she's wanted forever.  We all helped her find the perfect spot for it in the house.


Silly (big) Girls! 

Aunt Susie, Granny and Mama

Mama, Uncle Stacy, and Grandma

Aunt Susie had the girls wrapped around her finger today with those beads.

Grandma, the girls and me =)


Aunt Kristi getting Saylor's love


Saylor twirling in the wind


Saylor showing off

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