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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun, Fun

We've been having so much fun lately.  18 months is a great age! =)  The girls are doing so much and learning a lot every second of the day, it seems like sometimes.  They LOVE to sing, dance and read books.  They love to play with their baby dolls and animals (dinosaurs, too)!  They have super imaginations already.  Charlee is the best big sister.  She always takes care of Saylor and makes sure that she gets exactly what Charlee has. She's so loving, too. She's also started talking in sentences and carrying on conversations with us.  Saylor has become a little ham and her eyes are turning the most beautiful green!  One of her new favorite foods is mnmnmnmnm's (m & m's).  I love to hear her say it.  Saylor loves to read books and she'll go on and on about every page.  There SO much more that they're doing, but I'd thought I'd give you a quick update. 

We've been having dance class this week.
Pointing our toes.

Saylor shaking her booty!


Step, step, side to side!

Laying and playing around.

If you drive by our house on highway 101 just know that two little girls are so excited to see you in your car or truck and so excited to wave really big and say HI! =)

Can't you just feel the love?!?
SaySay and Daddy

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