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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A little catching up to do...

Well, life has been a lot more busy around the Green house this past week.  Work is going great and I have some super sweet little first graders!  I've still been EXHAUSTED, but I have to say that week 2 was better than week 1. One of my sweet girls asked me if my grandkids liked to color!  I said my kids like to and then I added, do I look THAT tired?!  She just giggled!  =)  I just don't have any free time. period.  Any spare time I have goes to Charlee and Saylor and that will never change for as long as I live. and if you know Brent, you know that goes double for him.  =)   We worked way too hard to get these two precious angels here. 
 I lost my voice after the first couple of days of school and it's still MIA.  I did start using some chloraseptic spray this weekend and that's helped a lot. THANK GOODNESS because we've got a VERY BUSY week ahead of us!!!!!!!  Charlee and Saylor will be 2 on Friday!  WOW!!  We'll have their pictures Thursday afternoon, I'm taking off Friday so I can get their cakeS done...yes, there will be 2.  And so I can finish up the last minute decorations (i'm making most of these too).  Their party is Saturday at 10 A.M.  We decided to do a morning party because it won't interfere with their naps and everybody can come here to eat lunch and have the rest of the day rest (or maybe that's just us).  Sunday will be my Grandma's 90th birthday party and I CANNOT WAIT to see all of my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Most are coming in on Thursday and leaving on Monday!  I'll be on the edge of my seat waiting on them to arrive! 
I'm going to TRY to do the blog at least once a week.  I know this will be a big change from the last couple of years.  I know some of you check it everyday for an update.  I have to admit any time I get on the computer I check it too...even though I know it's not been updated.  I just like checking in and then I'll read what I wrote and realize all the errors I made.  I guess I should proofread before I publish....oh well!  =)
Here are some pictures from the past week.


Corn on the cob...YUMMY!

Our niece, Alex, had her 8th birthday party at Meme and Papa's house yesterday.  It's so hard to believe how fast everybody's growing up!

Brent's MeeMaw's birthday was yesterday and HE made her cake!!  =)  I just did the writing.  I can honestly say I taught him everything he knows!  He did awesome!  Jordyn thought so, too!

This is Alex's butterfly cake.  It was my first time using a shape pan. 

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