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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My First Day with my Firsties

Well I survived my first day with some super sweet first graders.  I will definitely say that first grade is a WORLD of difference from fourth grade!  =)  I also had to get my brain wrapped around being a TEACHER again.  I know it'll all come back to me, but honest to goodness, going from Momma-mode for two years and not EVEN thinking about school has been an adjustment!  AND I AM SO TIRED!  =)  It's a good tired, a grateful tired, but WHOA!  I'm wiped out by the time bed time rolls around.
My highlight of my first day was when one of my sweet little girls needed a band-aid and as I was putting her Dora band-aid on, she looked up at me and said "you're just like a doctor"...that was priceless!  Another sweet little girl told me that if she had squid arms she'd help me do everything!  I'm really looking forward to lots more of this! 

ME!  I felt goofy setting the timer,but I kinda wanted a picture of me in my room.

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