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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Family Fun!

Well, I survived my first week as a"working mother".  I crashed every night as soon as the girls were layed down and I got my face washed.  I was so exhausted that it reminded me of when the girls were first born up to about 6 months old when I wondered if I get 3 straight hours of sleep a day.  Needless to say, we got me some vitamins this weekend and hopefully they'll help. 
I did have one break down at school...after my students left for PE I checked my phone and Tracy had sent me a text just letting me know that my sweeties were having a great and day and she hoped I was too.  Well, I couldn't help myself and just had a pity party, but soon got all better and went on with my day.  It'll all be ok, but I'm missing them SO, SO much!!  They're doing fabulous with the change!  But, when I get home, Charlee jumps into my arms and squeezes me and doesn't want to let me go for awhile.  I'm very good with this!  Saylor is really happy to see me, but she's good with a hug and a kiss and then she gets back to whatever she was doing.    Overall, so far so good with everything!

We went to visit with Brent's MeeMaw this week...it took the girls a little while to warm up, but once they did they definitely entertained her.  She's not been doing very well lately and when we were leaving she said, "Well, that was better than a dose of medicine".  =)

 Having a sister is SO much fun!!!

Saylor wearing her "dress".  I love that the tv says "BIG"!!

 They have converted their LeapFrog table that Uncle John got them into a sit-n-spin!  WEEEEE!

 And a tea party table...they're sitting on their doodle tables, too! 

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