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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho...

...It's off to work I go!  I have to admit that it all hit me A LOT harder than I had expected.  I did successfully make it through my first day, though.  Tears were shed, but I survived and I've been told more times than I want to hear "it'll get easier".  I did keep telling myself that in just a few short years my little sweeties will get to go to school with me everyday...and if the next 3 years go by as quickly as these 2 then I have no worries.  =)  But, ya wanna know one of the worst parts about going back to work?  I have to start wearing pants that button now.  I sure have enjoyed my "uniform" these past couple years.  hehehe 
Here are few pictures of this past weekend.  I'm really gonna miss my sweet girls.     =)

Silly girls with their shirts on their heads.

Meme, Papa, Cameron and Dylan came over on Saturday and we had the BEST time!  They were out of water because of the storms that past through and lightning struck a main water line for Lexington.  So, they ate some dinner with us.  =)

and then we went outside to enjoy the cooler temperatures and we did some sidewalk chalk art.  SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Dylan is playing football now.  =)  Brent got his old helmet out and it actually almost fit Dylan...

 and Charlee...

 and Saylor.

 My last day as a stay at home Mommy...the girls were extra sweet on Monday with each other and with me. 

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  1. The comment about the pants is hilarious! I was laughing at that! Very true though- that's why I prefer dresses!