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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Friday was my 31st birthday!  It was the BEST birthday I've had so far!  Charlee and Saylor were so SWEET and they sang "Happy Day to Voo" to me and kept giving me hugs.  They got me some things for my desk in my classroom.  They were so excited to give me my card and gifts.  I did get the BEST cards this year too!   Cards mean A LOT to me!  Phone calls do too...Mama and Daddy =)  I waited ALL DAY LONG by the phone for my parents to call me.  I even took the phone with me to the shower and every time I went to the bathroom.  but, no call...Brent and I went on our VERY FIRST date since way back in 2009.  Shirley came over to watch the girls at about 5 p.m. so on our way to town I decided to call Mama and Daddy to see if they still loved me...THEY DO!!!  WHEW!!!!!!!  But, they had been really busy that day and they know not to call during certain times because of napping and stuff.  But, they did send me a facebook message first thing that morning.  LOL!  =)  One of the best parts of my birthday was getting to eat my AMAZING birthday cake made by my sweetie!!!  Brent did the most WONDERFUL job on my cake!  I know now how nice it is to have a cake made especially for you by someone you love!  I baked the cake, but he did ALL the rest!  He's AWESOME! 

Here are some pictures from this past week and my birthday...ENJOY!

The girls snuck the thermometers out of the drawer and I just let them play with them.  No harm done, but I have to find a new (higher) home for them.


"Down, Down Baby"

Look what my Daddy made for me!!!  This is my new cupcake holder/carrier.  He went above and beyond for me!  He knows that I'm always looking for something to carry cupcakes in to where ever it is they need to go.  Also, storing them in the fridge can be a headache sometimes.  NO MORE!  This is a 2 tier stand that holds 32 cupcakes and he did an additional single layer that holds 16 more. For a total of 48!!!  It fits in our extra fridge that's in our garage (this is where I store all cakes and cupcakes) and it's going to be a breeze for transportation now!  THANK YOU, DADDY! ! !

What?  There's a heat advisory today?  No Way!

 Saylor putting on my flip flops. =)  Saylor LOVES shoes!

This is one of the girls' FAVORITE places in the house.  Saylor's bedroom window. 

 Brent making my icing...so sweet! =)

 I love this one of Saylor's eyes.


 Happy Birthday to Me!  =)

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