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Thursday, July 21, 2011


What a great week we've had!!!  Charlee and Saylor went to VBS this week at Springfield Cumberland Presbyterian.  This is my friend Laura's families church.  I was so glad they got invited!  They really had a super time and all 3 of us slept really great those nights!  =) 
Some of you have mentioned to me that you're noticing a trend...YES, I know the girls keeping wearing the same outfit over and over (DIAPERS ONLY).  They just don't want to keep their clothes on while we're home and it doesn't bother me in the least.  Maybe it should, but it just doesn't. =) 
Tracy has started coming over a lot more and staying full and half days with the girls.  This is to help the transition for ALL of us.  It's killing me!  She's amazing with the girls and they're loving her.  My heart just breaks into a million pieces every time I back out of the garage without them with me.  =(  I'll be fine, I just have myself a little pity party. 
I did get to see my new classroom this week.  I've got A LOT of work ahead of me.  Brent and Daddy are going with me tomorrow to get things cleaned out.  Also, the walls are all white and that's different for me.  My old room was full of color.  Honestly, I don't think an elementary classroom should have white walls.  My opinion.  =)  And, honestly, I'm too creative to only have white walls.  If I see that there's enough time the walls will be painted.  Otherwise, I'll add enough color in other ways to make up for it. 

Here's a few diaper only pics for your enjoyment!


 Singing "Jolene" and "Baby" into their 'microphones'.

 These little sweeties were having the BIGGEST LOVEfest this morning.  I'm almost afraid they've been watching too much Days of Our Lives.  (if there's such a thing as too much?)  This was the most fun thing to see!

 Charlee ending her day with the newspaper.

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