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Monday, July 11, 2011


Charlee definitely had her ups and downs today.  This morning she ended up having a fever of 105.6!!!!  SCARED ME TO DEATH!!  I immediately gave her some ibuprofen called the doctor and got her in the tub to get it down.  Thankfully, it got down to 102 and she was ready to play again...She never had any vomiting, but her fever would be high and low.  It never got THAT high again.  We would've been out the door if it hadn't come down.  She ate and drank really well all day and I feel like that's helped her more than anything.  She's sleeping now, but when we laid her down her temperature was 101.5.  I'm about to go check again before I get to bed.  Hopefully, it's on it's way down.  Our poor, sweet baby girls!

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