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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brian and Tracy's Wedding and more...

My oldest brother, Brian got married on Friday night to the wonderful Tracy Hancock Ridgeway!  We're so happy to officially have her in our family!  Tracy will be keeping the girls for us when I go back to work in August.  Their wedding was so sweet.  We only stayed for the ceremony because our little Saylor started running a fever.  She was so pitiful while we were there and we were thankful we left when we did because as soon as Brent walked in the kitchen with her she lost everything and it only got worse as the evening went on.  Her fever got up to 103 and there was lots of vomiting.  The next day we couldn't keep her fever under 101 and took her to the doctor.  She was diagnosed with a throat virus that's very contagious and we're hoping Charlee doesn't get.  She had a better day today with not much fever, BUT she's broken out all over in teeny tiny red bumps.  More than likely it's roseola.  After her fever breaks and starts to break out, she's not contagious anymore, but she was still with Charlee when she was.  We also missed a couple birthday parties, but there was no way we would have felt good about taking her around so many little ones.  We missed our niece, Addyson's first birthday party and we hated it but we heard it was wonderful.  Saylor seems to be doing a lot better other than the rash and maybe Charlee will steer clear of it. 
This week I also found out that I'm FOR SURE headed back to work.  I'll be at Underwood Elementary still, but teaching 1st grade instead of 4th.  I'm so excited about teaching 1st grade!!!  I'm NOT SO EXCITED about leaving Charlee and Saylor!  It's less than a month away and my stomach flips, flops and turns everytime I think about it. =(   I KNOW the girls are going to be in the best of hands with Tracy and we're very grateful to have her taking care of our MOST PRECIOUS gifts. 

THE Cake...this is the biggest cake I've done so far and learned a lot from doing it.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Tracy liked it and that was all that mattered!  =)

Brian's cake...


Brian and Tracy with thier kiddos.

 Mama and Daddy with the newlyweds.

Granny with the newlyweds. 

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